NBC Pilots

Find trailers for most of the shows here.

Comedies – I don’t watch many comedies, so take my thoughts for whatever they’re worth.  I can’t say the available trailers made much of an impression on me.  I am intrigued to see something from Trial & Error.

Chicago Justice – Do people really want four shows in the same universe?  There are only three NCIS shows, and CSI and Law & Order both only had three shows airing at once.  The Chicago show are more distinct than those franchises, but I still could see fans not being all that thrilled for another Chicago show.

The Blacklist – Redemption – I never really got into original, but it’s obviously worked for NBC and the spinoff could be another winner.

Taken – This project never really seemed like a good idea to me, but I have heard that it’s getting a lot of good buzz.

Timeless – This seems to be the love it or hate it project of the year, getting a lot of both positive and negative feedback.  The Spoiler TV reviews so far are predicting it will be a hit.  The trailer has some intriguing moments, though the whole “She looks just like my dead wife, so I’m now obsessed with her” bit made me roll my eyes.

This is Us – The trailer is certainly getting a lot of buzz.  It has some interesting character work, but the only story thread tying everything together is that the characters were all born on the same day.  Reports do indicate that there is a twist at the end of the pilot that will explain how everything fits together.  Which is good, since I don’t think the born on the same day story is enough to sustain long-term success.

Midnight, Texas – I was expecting this to be a light-hearted dramedy type of show but the trailer, which has since been removed from Youtube, looks rather dark and serious.  Which raises the question of how a talking cat named Mr. Snugly will fit with that tone.  Maybe the show will keep his screen time to a minimum, having him show up every once in a while to dispense sage advice and tell everyone how stupid they are?

Emerald City – All right, I’m not going to lie.  They had me at Wizard of Oz retelling.  But the trailer doesn’t seem to be getting much love so far.  I hope it at least does well enough to make the CW take another look at adapting the Dorothy Must Die books from Danielle Paige

With Timeless and This is Us getting post-The Voice slots and some very positive buzz, this could be a great year for NBC.




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