Fox Pilots

Find trailers for most of the pilots here.

Comedies – Son of Zorn, Making History, and The Mick.  There’s some potential here, though what really amused me was seeing  Sofia Black-D’Elia go from playing mother to a ten year-old actress on The Messengers to being the teen daughter on The Mick.  I guess that’s life in TV land.

24 and Prison Break – Two of the growling list of series being revived.  How well they work?  Well, the fact that the last 24 project didn’t exactly set the world on fire isn’t a good sign there.  And while people be invested in a new Prison Break given that the original series finale already showed that the characters will not exactly have a happy ending?

Pitch – My current “day job” is delivering papers overnights, and I listen to sports radio as I work.  I keep hearing how its hard to talk about baseball on a national show because the sport has become so regional, where people only care about their own team.  Will that be an issue here, especially since they chose a rather low-profile team to be the “heroes”?  I guess there aren’t too many people who hate the Padres, but there also aren’t too many outside of the San Diego area who care about them.  I like the lead actress, Kylie Bunbury, but I’m not sure this is the right project for her.

APB – Honestly, the trailer didn’t sell me that this anything more than a bland procedural.

Lethal Weapon – I had this pegged as going the same way as the Rush Hour series, but it’s getting some positive buzz.

Shots Fired – American Crime Part 2?

Star – We all knew Fox would try to use Empire to launch a similar show sooner or later.  So far its getting some decent buzz as a potential companion show.

The Exorcist – It got some very good buzz in the lead up to the Upfronts, but since then its all been pretty negative.  I’ll still definitely check it out.  Interestingly enough, I spotted actress Brianne Howey climbing up and down the walls on a rerun of Criminal Minds.  Good practice for playing a possessed girl!





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