3 Exciting New Comics to Check Out

The Canadian Space channel show Innerspace keeps viewers up to date on the news of science fiction and fantasy, including comics.  A recent episode revealed a handful of new comics that deserve to be read, including these three.

First up is Penny Dreadful, a prequel of the hit show written by show writer Kristy Wilson-Cairns, which cast light on the events leading up to the show’s pilot.

Next is Legend, by Sam Sattin, the story of a post-apocalyptic world.  The twist here is that the world is being rebuilt not by humans, but dogs and cats.  Fair warning though, this does appears to be a rather brutal story, so maybe not the best book for an animal lover looking for a cute and fluffy read.

Finally we have the funded by kickstarter series Mae, by Gene Ha.  Sisters Abbie and Mae have reunited after Abbie spent eight years trapped in a fantasy world filled with strange creatures.  But then the creatures, and other residents of the fantasy world begin to crossover to the normal world.


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