CBS Pilots

Find most of the trailers here.

Comedies – Meh

Bull – This should get off to a strong start, nestled between two NCIS shows, with Michael Weatherly as the lead.  Actually, I wonder if it might have been better to put NCIS: NO in between NCIS and Bull.

Pure Genius – It looks like a medical show.  It has a chance to hit, though I do question scheduling it at 10 on a night that will have successful medical shows at 8 and 9.

Macgyver – I don’t hate the idea of this show, but there were reports of a lot of problems on the pilot, including a claim that all but two roles would be recast.  But if things were really that bad, they would have held it till midseason, right?

Training Day – So the entire series takes place in one day?  Seriously though, this at least seems like it might be a bit of a departure from standard CBS fare.

Doubt – Will it fare any better than the last Katherine Heigl project?

Does CBS stand for Completely Bland Schedule?  The network dropped three of its more unique shows (The Good Wife, Limitless, Supergirl), and failed to pick up any particularly unique new projects, such as its Dr. Moreau reimagining.  These types of shows have worked well for CBS though, so maybe they know what they’re doing.




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