CW Pilots

Find most of the trailers here.

No Tomorrow – Potentially a cute, fluffy show.

Frequency – What’s the long-term plan here?  Will the show follow different crimes in different times, where something will happen in the other time frame to help solve the crime, like in Kyle Killen’s Awake?  If so, will it have anymore success than that show did?

Riverdale – One big complaint I’ve seen is that this is not at all like the classic Archie stories.  It should be noted that the writer, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is the Chief Creative Officer of the comics.  This is not some rogue show, but part of a comprehensive strategy to modernize the Archieverse.

When I first heard that No Tomorrow was going to be picked up, I figured it would be placed on Monday with Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-girlfriend, get some good buzz from critics but mediocre ratings, and at the end of the year all three shows would be on the bubble.  But the CW has opted to spread the shows out and hope to get them some more attention from viewers.  Will it work?  Time will tell.

Perhaps the biggest question from Pilot Season was the CW’s decision to pass on Transylvania.  It seemed to be getting a lot of good buzz from potential viewers, and seemed like a potential spiritual spin-off for Supernatural, not to mention a young adult version of Penny Dreadful.  I would have thought that if nothing else, it would have been the pilot getting redeveloped for next year, not the Kevin Williamson project.


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