5 Comics to Check Out in June

So, the Canadian genre news show Innerspace announced the five comics to check out for the month in June.

First was a Sherlock comic that adapts one of the TV series episodes.

There was also a Civil War 2 Comic from Marvel.

DC made the list with Wonder Woman, perhaps the most important book of the “rebirth”, since they want the comic to be going good when the WW movie comes out.  This comic was one of the more controversial titles of The New 52.  Brian Azzarello wrote a compelling story, but one that had little connection to any incarnation of Wonder Woman, including the one appearing at the same time in the Justice League comic.  This time around DC had turned to Greg Rucka, a writer who has already had significant success with Wonder Woman.

Then there Was Prometheus: Life and Death, a comic in the Alien universe where a group of marines find themselves on an alien ship, only for the owner to wake up.  The writer of this comic is Dan Abnett, who was also part of the creative team of the comic that inspired the Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

Finally, we have Joyride, written by Jackson Lanzing and Colin Kelly, with Marcus To as the artist.  To describes it as “Star Trek meets the Teen Titans”.  Interestingly, in my search for various articles giving advice to potential authors, I have seen describing a work as X meets Y described as both a great and a horrible thing to do.  Anyway, this description definitely has me intrigued.  The story follow a group of kids who steal a spaceship to escape from a dystopian future Earth.  Hmm, maybe the next science fiction adaptation for the CW?


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