A True Story Waiting for a Movie, and Other News and Notes

So, I’m addicted to these “scary Youtube channels” which narrate creepy, supposedly true stories.  The stories often come from reditt submissions, though the channels sometimes tackle famous incidents, or present disturbing video or audio recordings.  Something about them draws me in, even though I generally regret it seven times a week, when I’m delivering papers.  In the middle of the night.  By myself.

Anyway, this one video tells the story of five people who were accepted to have committed murder while sleepwalking.  The case that starts at 4:14 really stood out to me.  A French detective named Robert Ledru was assigned a murder case in 1887, and determined that the killer was himself while sleepwalking.  He was examined one night, and picked up a gun loaded with blanks and tried to shoot one of the observers.  He spent the rest of his life under constant supervision.  I’m pretty surprised this hasn’t been made into a movie already.

Moving on, Wednesday was officially the best day of June since Epic Reads posted their list of the most anticipated books to be published in July.  Its a shorter list than normal, so maybe I’ll be able to catch up on books I’ve been meaning to read.

In honour of Independence Day, Epic Reads also posted a list of the best YA revolutions.

Penguin Teen offered its own list, this one of nine books that blend realty and fantasy.

One final note about books, Lili’s Reflections has posted a list of the books she’s recently received.  I can’t help but post this mainly because I’m overcome with jealously that she’s been given The Diabolic, while I have to wait till November 1st!.  Oh well, maybe I’ll go reread S.J. Kincaid’s Insignia trilogy.

Moving to films, space.ca came up with a list of films you should probably avoid if you’re about to go to an amusement park.  Included in the list is Westworld, which is getting a TV show in the near future.

As for another television adaptation, this time of the comic Powers, I was stuck by this video where the writer of the comic, Brian Michael Bendis, seems quite pleased to announce that a key plot point has been changed from his original version.  Generally, I tend to want my adaptations to stay very close to the original (I’m currently very unimpressed with the Pretty Little Liars show), but this comment, and Neil Gaiman’s talking about how the very faithful Violent Cases stage adaptation was a failure while some significant changes helped make the Coraline adaptation a big success do make me a little less secure in my position.  Anyone else have any thoughts on how adaptations should handle the source material?  And if you want a deeper look at some adaptations, check out the Channel Awesome show Lost in Adaptation.

To note the passing of another Shark Week, you may want to check out this Io9 post about the best movies featuring humans vs. animals.

For video game fans, kokatu.com takes a look at the strange game Assemblance.

Steve and Larson at Machinima look at the top ten upcoming video game movie adaptations. And if you like the video, you might want to check out this video about their future.

And finally, congratulations to the Toronto Blue Jays for ending the Indians 14-game winning streak!






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