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Okay, I’m calling it.  Creepy Tony Todd in Dead of Summer is a good guy.  In the second episode he wanted Anton to find his bones instead of the drug dealers, so I’m saying he’s actually trying to protect the camp.  So who’s the villain?  Deb is the obvious choice but I have my suspicions about Amy, mainly based on her first flashback from the pilot.  The conversation between her and her mother hinted that there was already some darkness in Amy’s past before the events we saw in the episode.

As for the other new Freeform drama, Guilt, right now I think Grace did murder Molly.  Not because of jealousy, but because of Grace’s father.   I think Grace confronted Molly again about why she was in contact with James, figuring that a drugged up Molly would be more forthcoming.  Molly did reveal her blackmail scheme and Grace killed her, only to be unable to find the phone.

Freeform has also picked up a new pilot, a comedy called Alone Together, as reported by SpoilerTV

Bustle lists twelve of the best YA books coming out this month.  Teenreads also lists the July releases that have caught their interest.

Looking further down the road, an Epic Reads video has Lauren Oliver explaining her new book Replica, coming in October.  Oliver’s previous books include the Delirium Trilogy and Before I Fall.

Buzzfeed decided to provide a ranking of Steven Spielberg’s 29 theatrical releases.  BFG fares better here than it did at the box office, coming in at a respectable 16th.  The most controversial choice on the list is probably putting War of the Worlds at 12.  Buzzfeed also decided to select the winners and losers for the first half of 2016 in movies.

IGN has posted a video about the upcoming Netflix show Stranger Things, which appears to be a bit of a love letter to 80’s science fiction movies.

And finally, Io9 takes a look at what the latest DC reboot is doing with Batman and Superman, and is quite pleased.




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