Looking for Your Next Great Read?

One new YA release that is getting a lot of attention is This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab, a story about a city overrun with monsters.  Epic Reads has quite a few things to check out in regards to this title.  First there is a quiz that will tell you which of the monsters in the story is the best fit with your personality.  You can also watch a book trailer, or a short video explaining the story of the novel.  There is also a video of Victoria Schwab revealing some facts about herself.  Booktuber Meagen Precourt has posted a spoiler-free review of the book.

If This Savage Song doesn’t interest you, perhaps you are waiting for the finale of Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen trilogy?  In that case, Epic Reads has 25 books that might help tide you over until the third book hits shelves.

Epic Reads also has a way for the Pokémon lovers to find a good book, challenging you to choose between eight of the little creatures in order to get a book recommendation.  This page also suggests a few possible book choices based on what Pokémon Go team you happen to be affiliated with.  However, this appears to be simply matching the physical colour of books with the colour of the teams, while I’m sure that matching of books with individual Pokemons is based on far more solid scientific ideas.

Finally, Epic Reads has also taken it upon themselves to suggest the best YA fantasy for you to read based on your Zodiac sign.

I hope that this post has helped you find a book to add to your wish list!


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