How to Hang a Witch and Other Fall Books

So Hails Hearts Nyc has posted a Fall TBR with a Fall Reading Guide to come, and this got me thinking.  I’ve never really thought much about matching books o seasons, besides the two obvious notions of reading books where Christmas plays a significant role in the winter, and books about summer vacation in the summer.  And honestly, I don’t even consider those to be hard and fast rules.

Anyway, if I were asked to say what I thought entailed a fall story, I would likely point to tales with a bit of spookiness to them, and as it happens, I’ve actually read a couple of books lately that seem like perfect fits for the season. I’ll explain some of my reactions to these books in my next Ranking Recent Reads posts, but with this post we can see what some others have been saying about these and other similar books.

One book that I really liked was How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather. The story follows Sam Mather (a descendent of Cotton Mather, like the author), who moves to Salem and quickly runs afoul of the clique of students made up of descendants of the people executed during the Salem Witch Trials.  Ohana Reads found it a solid read, while abellafairytale also encouraged readers to pick it up.  Booktubers HollyByGollyBooks, Connor O’Brien, and Jbooklover all posted positive reviews as well.

The other book I recently read that seems like it would fit the mold of a “Fall book” is The Call, by Peadar O’Guilin, which was promoted as Hunger Games meets horror. The Call takes place in a world where every Irish teen is at some point called to the world inhabited by the faerie race called the Sidhe.  The Sidhe will hunt them mercilessly for twenty-four hours, at which point whatever is left of them is sent back to Ireland.  This interview with the author from YA Interrobang suggests that it’s a good summer fantasy.  I agree with the good part, though as noted, it seems to me like more of a fall read.  The Great Imaginations blog offered a very positive review for this novel.

Moving on to books I haven’t read (yet), the first book that jumps to mind as a fall story is The Graces by Laure Eve. It actually seems fairly similar to How to Hang a Witch, with a new loner girl in town becoming intrigued by the mysterious group or students who are rumoured to have magical powers.  The big difference being that the protagonist here is desperate to get herself into the world of The Graces, while Sam Mather just wanted The Descendants to leave her alone.  So far this seems to have been a very polarizing book.  Jess Hearts Books gives it a perfect five stars, while the Such a Novel Idea blog criticized the pacing and the characters, though admitting the story had a strong endingThe My Friends are Fiction blog wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the book.

In my last post I linked to a post at the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog by Alexandra Sirowy, talking about her dark books The Creeping and The Telling. I have to say they both sound like definite fall reads.  Check out the post and see for yourself!

Finally, coming September 20th, Kendare Blake will release a story about three sisters who must fight to the death for the right to become queen of Fennbirn.  Check out this book trailer from Epic Reads and tell me that it doesn’t seem like a Fall Book!

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