A Few Spooky Comics to Consider

Here’s a look at some creepy comics you might want to check out as Halloween rapidly approaches!

Adventures in Poor Taste reviews the final installment of the five issue mini-series Weird Detective.  The review gives the climax to the Lovecraftian tale a nine out of ten, praising the cast of humans and felines who try to save the world from a cosmic horror.

The website also looks at the latest issue of Cullen Bunn’s horror series Harrow County.  You might remember Bunn’s Weird West series The Sixth Gun almost making it to the small screen on NBC a few years back.  The review is less-than-impressed with the main story here, but finds the back-up story in the issue, also written by Bunn, to be incredible.  In the end, the whole issue is given a score of six.

AIPT! also looks at the first two issues of Marv Wolfman’s series about Raven, a DC character who was also considered for a television series. Given that she’s a half-demon, a Raven series could certainly be a good option to check out in October.  The series finds the Teen Titans mainstay struggling to find her own place in the world while also reuniting with her human family and attending high school.  The first issue receives an almost perfect nine and a half score, just missing out on a perfect score for being occasionally disjointed.  The second issue drops a bit to an eight out of ten, losing points for not having enough information about Raven’s new associates at school.

Over at Channel Awesome, Linkara’s month long look at creepy comics includes the anthology Spirits of St. Louis, and creepy hitchhiker story The Night Driver.


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