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Pilots and more!

Season Zero, to my surprise, seemed fairly happy with ABC’s The Fix, one of my least anticipated pilots this year. Very obviously inspired by the OJ Simpson debacle, the story follows a lawyer who lost a high profile murder case, and is drawn back into the mess when the killer strikes again years later.  While riveting, the review has some issues with the lead actress, and thinks it might work better as a miniseries.

Next up is the CBS reboot of Cagney and Lacey. As expected, it’s nothing special, just your run of the mill CBS procedural.

NBC’s Bellevue is a medical show, inspired by a novel about some interesting true stories from the real Bellevue hospital. It’s well done, but it’s a medical show.  And with each of the big four networks already providing a medical show, is there audience interest for another?

ABC’s The Finest is the story of a group of African-American sisters who are all cops. At first glance it seems like any other cop show, and thus not very interesting, but the diversity is a plus.  But the review is rather positive, and expresses hope that the show will make the cut.

While the adaptation of Joe Hill’s graphic novel Locke & Key is in flux, if not completely dead, it’s full steam ahead for the adaption of his novel NOS4A2. Spoiler TV reports that AMC is going to straight to series with this, so maybe they’d be interested in Locke & Key as well? N I can hope!

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that Netflix has bought the rights to The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw, the story of a town cursed by the murder or three sisters for supposedly being witches.  They return each year, taking over the bodies of three girls and luring boys to their deaths.  Incidentally, Netflix also has the rights for 13 Minutes from Sarah Pinborough, a book I’ve reviewed in the past, and quite liked.

Spoiler TV recently reported on a mass renewal announcement from the CW.  Mostly it was all a forgone conclusion, with the only possible surprises being the renewal of Dynasty, and the lack of a renewal for Life Sentence.  Dynasty was saved by the Netflix deal, and the hope that the arrival of Alexis will spark more interest in the show.  Life Sentence might not be dead just yet, but it’s definitely on life support.  This is one prediction from the fall that I got right at least.  Many people seemed to think Lucy Hale was a big enough star that this would be the CW dramedy to break through in the ratings, but I was always skeptical about that.

Finally, Deadline has begun their weekly reports on pilot season.  These articles about which projects have buzz should probably always be taken with a grain of salt, especially the first couple, which have already been posted.  But that doesn’t stop us all from reacting to them!

With ABC, The Rookie and A Million Little Things are unsurprisingly getting early buzz. A little more unexpected, at least to me, is that Grand Hotel is also said to be solid, and Get Christie Love seems to be getting more attention than the seemingly similar Whisky Cavalier.  I’d be quite fine with Get Christie Love getting the nod over Whisky Cavalier, but I’m pulling for Salvage, False Profits and For Love over Grand Hotel.

Over at Fox, I’m pretty happy with what I’m hearing. The Katie Holmes pilot, which Season Zero compared to the Good Wife, is getting solid buzz, as is the retooled adaption of The Passage.  Fox may also go back to the musical show well with Mixtape.

CW is likely to go big on known properties, with the Charmed and Roswell reboots getting good reviews, and the Supernatural spinoff being well received. I’ve talked about all three of these projects a bit, so here I’ll just say that I’m pulling for Charmed, but not so much the other two.  Other projects said to be hitting the right notes are football drama Spencer, and the blind PI show In the Dark.  I’m pretty meh on both so far.

Nothing much excited me at CBS with the possible exception of LA Confidential, which is getting some good buzz mixed with some concern about going with a period drama. And at NBC, the Bad Boys spinoff seems to be getting most of the early buzz.


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