TV Projects to Look For

No pilot buzz report this week, but we still have some news.

Season Zero looks at one of the gazillion reboots we have this year, Magnum PI for CBS. The review suggests that a previous ABC pilot was a much better option to bring back this franchise.  This pilot gender swaps Higgins in order to set up the sexual tension between the male and female leads that is typical of these shows.  So a lot of this is pretty much to be expected, though it might be surprising that this was apparently a very expensive pilot, including an underwater scene.

Season Zero was far more impressed with Fox’s new musical show, Mixtape. Admittedly the logline doesn’t exactly jump out at me, but the review praises the writers and characters, while hinting at a twist.

Next we have ABC’s Grand Hotel. This is another show that hasn’t really stuck me as anything special, but early buzz reports have been suggesting it’s likely to get picked up.  But if Season Zero is to be believed, ABC will probably pick it up based on it being a remake of a very successful show, and not based on the actual strength of the show itself.  And from the sounds of it, this Grand Hotel is really very different from the original, which was a period piece focusing on the dynamic between “upstairs and downstairs”, while the ABC pilot is a modern day show that is primarily focused on one family who owns the hotel, the guests and workers being very minor characters.  So it will probably have to build an audience by itself, not from fans of the original, and Season Zero found it full of clichés and bland characters.

CW’s Roswell is one I have never been interested in, but Season Zero’s review works hard to change that.   The show, which ages the characters from the novel and original adaptation into their late 20’s, features strong characters, and ends on an intriguing cliffhanger with a UFO crashing in the dessert.

Season Zero moves on to NBC with The Village.  The review compares this show to the early first season of Melrose Place, of all things.  While this isn’t exactly a promising sign, but the review thinks the show is in line with current hits This is Us and The Good Doctor.  While not perfect, it sounds like this is likely good enough to make it to our screens in the fall.

Meanwhile Deadline reported a handful of CBS renewals.

Departing from the broadcast networks, Deadline reports that Netflix has picked up a horror series called The Order, about a college freshman who joins a secret society, and get drawn into a battle between werewolves and magic

Meanwhile, Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn has two series coming up. reports that Amazon has picked up Utopia, an adaptation of a British series about a group of young adults who arte hunted by a shadowy organization after getting their hands on an underground graphic novel. Spoiler TV has a promo for the HBO adaptation of Flynn’s book Sharp Objects, about a reporter who returns to her hometown to cover a murder.


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