Coming to TV in the Near Future

Pilots! And a new Netflix show!

Spoiler TV reveals that Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff is going back to space, in Another Life. She will play an astronaut leading a young crew on a search for alien intelligence.

Season Zero looks at one of the more intriguing pilots for this year, Manifest from NBC. This show follows the sudden reappearance of a plane five years after it disappeared, though those on the plane don’t realize that any time has passed.  And she was not impressed, though some of her reasons may not make sense to some people.  First, she criticizes the lack of a big name cast, throwing some pretty big shade at Josh Dallas from Once Upon a Time, the most known actor on the show.  She also doesn’t like the supernatural elements in the pilot, thinking the similar ABC pilot which simply focused on investigating the disappearance of a plane, was the better option.  People who are fans of Josh Dallas or don’t care about if they know the actors on a show, or like supernatural elements in their shows, might disagree with the critique.  That said, she isn’t wrong to note that the lack of success for The Event, Flash Forward, The Crossing, and other similar shows probably doesn’t bode well for Manifest.

ABC’s A Million Little Things gets a far more positive review. This is the story of a collection of friends in the aftermath of the suicide of one of their group.  One possible point of concern is that the show’s main focus is male friendship, something that has often not worked that well in previous attempts.  But with multi-dimensional, interesting characters, it might not only work this time around, but be the next big hit.

We have a new buzz report from Deadline, and we’re getting into the time when these reports should be taken more seriously. Pickups could start in the first few days of May, and while there is often a show that comes out of nowhere to make it to series, shows getting buzz now are the ones most likely to get the green light.

At ABC The Rookie, A Million Little Things, Grand Hotel and False Profits appear to have separated themselves from the pack. I’m all for three of these, but Grand Hotel has yet to capture my interest. I’d rather see Salvage, Get Christie Love, Whisky Cavalier, and possibly even For Love at this point.  Fox also sounds about right, with The Passage and The Katie Holmes Good Wife meets Homeland pilot leading the way, and Mixtape also strong.

As for the CW, the Charmed and Roswell reboot continue to breeze along. As I’ve noted before, I’m way more interested in the Charmed reboot than Roswell, though Roswell has been reviewed very well.  I’d still rather see the other alien show, End of the World, get the green light instead.  High school football show Spencer is also getting buzz.  I’m not exactly opposed to it; though I wish they had also sent Illegal to pilot, as another high school outsider option to consider.  In The Dark and Playing Dead also get mentioned as possibilities, along with the Supernatural spinoff.  Strong results for the first couple episodes of The Originals final season has made its spinoff also a real possibility.

Dick Wolf’s FBI show and the Magnum PI reboot are going strong at CBS, with God Friended Me also a surprisingly strong contender. I don’t have much in the way of an opinion in any of the CBS pilots, though LA Confidential might pique my interest more than the others.  At NBC the Bad Boys spinoff continues to cruise along, with the new hospital pilot, apartment building pilot The Village, and thriller No Way Back also getting buzz.  I have no interest in another hospital dram with each network already having one on air, but No Way Back could be fun.  And I’m still hoping for Manifest, in spite of the negative review mentioned earlier.


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