Latest Pilot Info

Pilot Season is about to pick up!

The Hollywood Reporter’s take on 10 pilots that are sure to get picked up includes one from each major category of pilot.  The Fox drama getting the nod is Katie Holmes FBI agent show, which seems in line with the buzz to this point.  They also anticipate The Passage getting the nod this time around.

The Village is the NBC drama most likely to get the green light, though the Bad Boys spinoff is also said to be a lock. I’m more interested in thriller No Way Back and sci-fi show Manifest, and thankfully both are said to have come in well, though there is also medical drama New Amsterdam to take one of the pilot spots.

Magnum PI is the unsurprising pick for CBS drama. God Friended Me is also likely to get the nod, and then likely to be a popular choice in polls about which new show will be first to be cancelled.    LA Confidential may not be part of the main CBS network, but it apparently came in good enough that it will likely be put somewhere, not just axed.

Oddly, the article doesn’t specifically pick a show for the ABC drama category, mentioning Whisky Cavalier, False Profits, A Million Little Things and Grand Hotel as frontrunners. There hasn’t been much buzz about Whisky Cavalier, but the other three have seemed like sure things all along.

The article also mentions comedy options for these networks, then selects a CW pilot from both CBS and the WB. The CBS pick is Charmed, with one of the big surprises from the article being the note that In the Dark apparently has some behind the scenes troubles that could prevent it from going to series.  The WB pick is the high school football show, with Roswell also a likely pickup, as expected.  Meanwhile, the battle of the spinoffs appears to be tilting in favour of The Originals show, instead of Wayward Sisters.

And Spoiler TV reveals that NBC has picked up New Amsterdam, the medical show.  It is said to be a very well done show, but I have very little interest in another medical show.


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