What to Read?

Books to check out!

 Vicky Who Reads offers a list of anticipated September releases that has some definite similarities with my own list. She mentions new sci-fi book Ignite the Stars, as well as the sequel to Marie Lu’s Warcross. Two other books jump out as perfect choices to read in fall (or if you’re me, anytime), with some magic in the air.  What the Woods Keep is a genre-bending story that involves (possibly?) a mysterious race living in the woods of Colorado, while The Deepest Roots takes place in a small town where people are born with magical gifts.

The blog already has a review up for one of these books, Ignite The Stars, where a seventeen year-old outlaw is forced to attend the Commonwealth’s military academy.   While the review praises the lead, it suggests the real star is another girl, part of a discriminated against part of the Commonwealth who initially tries to hide her heritage.  Throw in great action and betrayals, and it sounds very promising.

Looking a bit into the past, The Book Addict’s Guide has a review for three books I’ve looked at in the past. Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer was my least favourite of the Katie Alender books I’ve read, but I still enjoyed it. The review here is mildly positive, and normally I’d be quick to suggest she pick up Bad Girls Don’t Die or The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall to see Alender’s better works, but since she seemed a bit disappointed about the supernatural aspects of the book.  Alender writes fun paranormal stories, so she’s not an author to look for if you want a more realistic read.   The Addict also offers a mostly positive review for Lies You Never Told Me, though we differ greatly in our criticisms of this book, as she wants the Sasha character removed entirely. Her review of Everless seems very positive, though she acknowledges at the end that there is nothing about the characters that really leaps off the page, which pretty much matches my opinion on this one.

With the sequel to Nevermoor set to hit shelves at the end of the month, it’s a great time to check out the first book, if you haven’t already! Meltotheany certainly thinks it’s worth a look, noting that it manages to be very reminiscent of Harry Potter while still being very much its own thing.

Another upcoming release, Strange Grace by Tessa Gratton, sounds like an excellent read for the Halloween season. It tells the story of three youths drawn into their village yearly human sacrifice.  So you know, basic teen angst.  Pinot and Pages praises the beautiful writing and excellent characters, though the review acknowledges that there could have been more done with the trio’s internal thoughts.

You’ll have to wait till the end of October to get your hands on The Light Between Worlds, but according to some of the people who already have the book, it will be worth the wait! Pen and Parchment was a big fan of the seemingly Narnia-inspired tale, which follows a pair of siblings after they return to London after living in a magical world for years.  One is determined to readjust to the real world, while the other longs for a way to escape back to the magical Woodlands.


4 thoughts on “What to Read?

    1. It took me a little bit to get into Nevermoor, in part because for what seemed like a fairly light book, starting with a dead cat was a bit off putting, though it did help demonstrate our heroine’s lot in life. But it hooked me pretty quickly.

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  1. Vicky Who Reads

    Aww, thank you so much for featuring my anticipated list! So glad you’re excited for these books–they all sound SO GREAT, don’t they?

    And OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO CHECK IGNITE THE STARS OUT. It’s just so amazing and I love how complex all the characters are. Definitely recommend that one! ❤


  2. I’ve been keeping an eye out to see when Ignite the Stars, and the other books, show up at one of my local stores or libraries, but so far nothing. Which is a bit of a concern, since books sometimes hit shelves here a month before the release date but if they don’t appear by that date, they tend not to show up at all. Hopefully its just delayed!


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