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Books of the past, present and future!

One of my favourite books this past year was The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw. Back when I reviewed it, I noted that the ending felt a bit abrupt was my minor complaint.  In hindsight, the ending really does make sense based on the story being told, but I still would have liked a little more, though ironically I also wanted a little less, since I thought the book reached its conclusion only for there to be another epilogue tacked on. But while it may not be perfect, it was till an excellent read, as this review by Pinot and Pages attests.

If sci fi is your thing, there were a few releases towards the end of the year that you might want to check out. Ignite the Stars and Light Years are two “space academy” books, both recently examined at Gizmo’s Reviews. Light Years gets a much stronger review, though Ignite does get some praise as well.

A third recent sci fi release is the alien invasion story Strange Days. Vicky Who reads posted a positive review, along with a guest post from the author on what you should do if you find that aliens have murdered your parents. If you’re interested in more from the author, check out this interview from The Fandom.

One early 2019 release that has caught my attention is The Similars by Rebecca Hanover, the story of a near future where clones are being integrated into high school.  So far, it’s getting some mixed reviews.  Vicky Who Reads liked the concept but just couldn’t get invested, while Pinot and Pages review lists some pretty strong positives and negatives. On the other hand, abellafairytale offers a more uniformly positive take on the new book.

Then there is Two can Keep a Secret from Karen McManus, author of One of Us is Lying. I just want to know what the upcoming sequel to One of Us is Lying will be called now that this title has been used already.  Anyway, Vicky Who Reads was mostly positive about the new book, but admitted that it isn’t quite as good as the author’s first.

Turning to fantasy, this video from Bookables looks at three relatively recent releases, examining Ash Princess, Children of Blood and Bone, and Furyborn. If none of those titles catch your eye, SuperSpaceChick offers a video of underrated fantasy series to consider.

Lets close with another video from, SuperSpaceChick, looking at various books. One of those she looks at is Truly Devious, the first book in Maureen Johnson’s boarding school mystery series, and with the second book coming this month, now is as good a time as ever to get into the series.  She also looks at Campfire, a book where the stories told around the campfire come true.  She quite liked the book, and interestingly praises it for being a simple tale that made her nostalgic for the books she grew up reading, the exact reason why a previous review I linked too didn’t like the book all that much.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

One thought on “Books to Check Out

  1. Vicky Who Reads

    thank you for linking up my THE SIMILARS review! I’ve heard pretty mixed things about it from other, so it seems pretty common unfortunately :/


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